For 6 years I was the designer for the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library system. I worked on a variety of projects - digital and print, organic and paid, young audiences and old audiences.
Small animations for social media and internal screens at the library. The library's shelves are full of characters.
3 short ads promoting the library's new self-checkout stations. Whether you're in a hurry, embarrassed, or just introverted, self-checkout is for you. 
A commercial promoting the variety of fictional materials available at the library. In this journey across genres, multiple literary references were used to appeal to all age groups.
Each year the entire Craighead County library system's summer plans are packed into a quad-fold brochure and distributed far and wide.
For the 2018 brochure, we switch to a tri-fold brochure and mailed it out. USPS dictated that the top right had to be pure white in order to have addresses printed on to the brochure. That white space was incorporated into the design as white sand.
These are a few of the posters I made for various events, programming, and lessons at the library.
A means of reaching out to underserved communities in the county, the bookmobile travels around making sure kids everywhere get to experience the library's services. 
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